100 Signs a Guy likes YOU

Do you think a guy likes you? Here’s collection of signs to help you make a informed decisionGood luck to you ^_^

100 Signs a Guy likes YOU

A guy “probably” likes you if he:-

accompanies you when you’re alone
acts like a baby around you
adjusts his socks around you
always agrees with you
always looks happy to see you
always wants to hug you
asks if you are single
asks you “So, are you single?”
asks you a lot about your life
asks you about how your day was
asks you out for lunch
asks you out on a date
asks you out on a date again
asks you to a dance “as friends”
asks your friends about you
becomes sad when you ignore him
believes in your goals and dreams
blinks a lot when he talks to you
blushes or smiles when he sees you
buys you an expensive gift
calls just to say goodnight
calls you just to say good morning
calls you several times a day
calls you when he says he will
can’t stop thinking about you
cancels his other plans for you
cannot take his eyes off you
compliments you a lot
detests any guy you talk about
does a lot of favors for you
does anything to touch you
does his best to make you laugh
finds your silly quirks charming
gives you a spare key to his place
gives you the news straight out
goes out of his way to talk to you
has a special nickname for you
He’s going out of his way to see you
He’s not afraid to touch you
helps your Dad clean his garage
His friends are extra nice to you
His friends ask you if you like him
His friends know your name
His friends talk to you about him
hits you in a gentle, flirty way
hugs you when he meets you
introduces you to his family
introduces you to his friends
introduces you to his mom
is always there to talk to you
is himself when you are around
is super nice to your friends
is very protective about you
kids and lightly makes fun of you
knows what perfume you wear
knows your daily schedule by heart
knows your dress and shoe sizes
knows your zodiac sign
likes talking to you
likes you better just as you are
listens to every word you say
loves spending time with you
makes excuses just to be with you
makes fun of you in a friendly way
makes time for you, no matter what
names his new pet turtle after you.
never burps around you
never takes you for granted
plans future dates along with you
really cares about you
remembers all your friend’s names
says “hi” to you constantly
sends you secret love emails
shares his darkest fears with you
shows up on time on dates
shows you his childhood photos
smiles at you a lot
smiles back when you smile at him
stands up for you whenever need be
stops flirting with other girls
stutters when he speaks to you
takes you out on a Friday night
talks about his family with you
talks to his friends about you
talks to you about his past
tells you a lot about himself
tells you he likes you
tells you that you are special
tolerates you being mean to him
treats you like a lady
tries to get to know your family
tries to talk to your friends
walks you to your door
wants to let you into his life
wants to meet your family
wants to see you often
wants to talk to you all the time
worries about how you feel
You are the focus of his attention
Your friends think he likes you


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